Why Attendees Love Mixtroz

Mixtroz Attendee

“Using Mixtroz, I got matched up with a group of people who were lively, fun, driven, and actually wanted to interact – just like me! The productive conversation and exciting energy led me to walk away with two meetings and a prospect that may turn into an even bigger partnership down the road! My favorite thing about Mixtroz is that you can trust networking events both in person and virtual will be worth your time. You’ve got to try it!”

Sydney Murphy, Business Development Manager at Dotedison Mixtroz Attendee

Mixtroz VIRTUAL works just like Mixtroz Live

Our virtual event platform allows the event host to create connectivity among attendees even if an event is cancelled, postponed or held virtually from the start…

Your attendees will simply launch the Mixtroz app and, when prompted, enter a custom code to bring your event to their phone. They may also access your event on their computer through an invite link sent via email. Once they are in your Mixtroz Virtual event, your attendees will go through the Mixtroz nametag and question series, which takes less than two minutes. When it is time for your virtual groups to connect, attendees will be invited to a secure video meeting room with 2-9 others, where they are guided in conversation with our custom icebreakers. As the attendees meet and answer questions, the event host gains immediate access to collected data.

How our customers use it NOW:

Your solution for meaningful peer-to-peer engagement from afar

The use of virtual communication software is skyrocketing around the world, yet a problem remains – Engagement.

Mixtroz pairs with the software you use for video conferencing via our simple in-app process. Your attendees will be able to complete this process in under 2.5 minutes. As your virtual gathering wraps, or when it’s time to break so your attendees can form connections, Mixtroz uses a proprietary algorithm paired with your preferences to create dynamic groups of attendees inside virtual meeting spaces. Mixtroz then kicks off conversations with customizable icebreakers, aggregated group data, and/or group activity – ensuring meaningful connections ensue no matter where your people gather.


How our customers will use it in the FUTURE:

The hybrid approach for lasting connection

People are at the center of everything we do at Mixtroz from the way we develop our software to the way we implement our methods for event success.  Because of this, as our customers engage with us – we listen. We’re always impressed with the unique ways our customers implement Mixtroz and bring new things to life.  In fact, one of our valued customers brainstormed with us and found that hosting a Mixtroz Virtual event a few days in advance of their in-person Mixtroz gathering strengthened connections once they came together face-to-face.  Their attendees, now familiar with the easy-to-use Mixtroz software, were able to use Mixtroz again to facilitate even more engagement at the live event, fostering a whole new set of connections.

We Connect The Most Innovative

Mixtroz destroys the concept behind homophily.

That’s the theory that birds of a feather flock together and we see this anywhere that humans, people, and especially your students or faculty, gather.

With the Mixtroz event and meeting platform, we put a stop to homophily using technology to meet your campus where it is, seamlessly creating community among students, alumni, and faculty.

All while you learn about who they actually are (instead of who you think they are.)

Run Of Show

Below is a sample event agenda for events powered by Mixtroz.

Host your virtual event on any platform your organization prefers.  At whatever time you like, we suggest the morning of, set your mix to open, your attendees will then have the morning to complete their Mixtroz nametag and answer questions in under 2.5 minutes in-app.  Don’t worry, we share verbiage with you to keep pre-event correspondence with your attendees simple.

Be intentional. During your virtual event breaks or speaker switches, remind your attendees to take a moment to complete this action. You have a live view of user adoption throughout your activation in the Mixtroz Dashboard.

As your virtual event content ends, it’s time to create your groups. You can set this as manual or automatic. Once group creation happens, your attendees are invited to a virtual meeting space right from the Mixtroz app with the 2-9 others they’ve been matched with.

As your attendees enter the virtual meeting space, they’ll kick off their conversation with icebreaker questions from the app and start connecting with their group – curated by you!


How to gather the perfect data at your next Mixtroz event.

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“Using Mixtroz for my college orientation mixer removed some of the pre-college nerves and allowed my students to mingle and make lasting friendships.”

Dr. Bryan Samuel

“Mixtroz is higher-ed event planning made easy.”

Mariah Cole

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