The Future of Connection Is Human

Give your people the connections they want while gaining the insight you need to impact engagement and increase productivity.

Bring Your Mix To Life

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Just like our platform, our onboarding meets you where you are—live, virtual, or hybrid—and gives you everything you need to run the perfect mix.
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You are the brains behind your event. You know why your people are coming and the connections they will find valuable. Use that knowledge to customize all areas of their Mixtroz experience—starting with the best icebreakers.
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Humans need to hear or see communications up to seven times before taking action. We know this. That’s why we set you up for success with access to our communications planner.
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Monitor user adoption throughout your mix to create flexible Mixtroz groups at the times that work best.
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The best part of live mixes? The swelling of sound as conversations and connections are sparked! See how Mixtroz helps your humans be humans.
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As your people start to mix, it’s time to learn. The data you collect is securely stored in your dashboard, and immediately made ready to download and share with key stakeholders and partners.
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Meaningful Human Connection & Data Collection Awaits

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