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Hosting a gathering is hard work. We can help.

Mixtroz helps you better facilitate conferences, mixers, and team building activities before, during, and after so all of your preparation pays off.

35 %
of hosts consider engagement to be the most difficult aspect of hosting virtual events.
64 %
of professionals who routinely practice collaboration stay at their jobs longer and report higher levels of engagement.
44 %
of people believe “soft skills” such as communication, creativity, and collaboration represent the largest gap in the U.S. workplace.

Know Who’s in the Room

Imagine you’re organizing a gathering. You want to come up with activities that will engage all participants, but it’s hard to know what to plan before you get a better sense of who’s coming.

Mixtroz aggregates attendee information so you know exactly what gets your guests excited to gather. Plan for the next occasion with an increased awareness about how people like to interact, what gets their attention, and what will leave them feeling satisfied.

Make new students feel welcome at your school. Facilitate orientation activities using the Mixtroz platform while collecting data that helps you get to know your students better. When students fit in with your school’s culture, they feel encouraged to succeed academically, too.
Create a sense of community amongst your employees. We tend to gravitate towards those we work most closely with or those with whom we share a personal interest, background, etc. But what if we could organically diversify more of those interactions at work? Mixtroz helps you get the ball rolling.

Assess Interaction in Real Time

Suppose you’re hosting a conference or convention. The day is broken down into smaller workshops; each session has 50-100 attendees. You could send out a survey the following day asking participants to rate their experience, but you’ll likely be disappointed by the lack of engagement. In fact, statistics show that surveys sent out via email after an event is one of the least effective ways to elicit feedback. When people get home and kick off their shoes, the last things they’re thinking about is running to their computers to complete a survey.

But what if you could prompt real-time feedback instead while participants’ minds are still focused? Gauge interaction, satisfaction, and areas for improvement immediately. Mixtroz does just that by encouraging all attendees to complete survey information with a few simple taps on their phone. No extra logins. No ‘forgot passwords.’ No lukewarm reminders a week or two later. Just real results, in real time.


At Your Next Conference
Share big ideas with big crowds without losing a sense of personal connection. Develop questions that provoke thoughtful dialogue in small and large group settings. Prompt your guests to answer a brief survey during the conference so that you can gather critical feedback before the event has even concluded.
Brainstorming Sessions
Breed innovation through collaboration at your next company workshop. Set the foundation for dynamic interactions, even before you dive into the day’s itinerary. Give participants time to get to know each other on a personal level by answering a series of questions so that when it comes to brainstorming, problem-solving, and team building, your guests feel at ease.

Make Informed Decisions Using Aggregated Data

Perhaps you work in talent management and you are helping organize an upcoming job fair. You meet with job seekers throughout the day and collect a variety of hard copy resumes and business cards, but it’s a lot to keep track of in a busy setting. Mixtroz steps in to collect personal details and contact information from every attendee so you can follow up with those who show the most interest based on their criteria and yours.


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