Easy-to-Use, Actionable Data

Networking doesn’t have to be complicated. When your guests have the tools they need to interact authentically, the experience goes from good to great. That’s connecting people and collecting data, a 360-degree ROI!

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1. Set Up Your Event

Use the Mixtroz platform to create your customized gathering. Our step-by-step interface makes it easy to customize event details, set timing parameters, add questions, and create groups. Promote your sponsors using banners, video links and well-timed ads.

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2. Launch the Mixtroz App

As soon as attendees begin arriving, invite them to launch the app. They’ll create a virtual nametag, take a selfie, and answer a few questions, all in less than 2.5 minutes. When groups are created, attendees will be prompted to join a group based on their answers.

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3. Collect Data That’s Easy to Understand

As attendees begin to converse, data will start streaming in. You can begin to collect and analyze data in real time. Look at your event dashboard to compare individual and group data.

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Sponsorships that Integrate Seamlessly

Invite your sponsors to harness the connectivity at your next Mixtroz event. Sponsors engage with and learn more about attendees all at once.

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Versatile Ads
Our banner ads or video links prove more effective than traditional campaigns.
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Lead Generation
Sponsors boost visibility through targeted ads to captivate audiences.
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Increased ROI
More clicks lead to increased engagement your sponsors need to drive sales.

“I love Mixtroz, it should be at every single event!”

Jessica Nelson, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Mixtroz Attendee

Gathering Data You Can Depend On

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