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your people finding their people.

80 %
of professionals consider networking to be an important aspect of their career success.
82 %
of attendees report networking as their priority for attending events
90 %
of attendees want to make real connections with new people & prefer to do so in small groups
25 %
increase in productivity $$$ among workers whose companies implement social technologies.

First-Year Orientation at Baldwin-Wallace University

Along with the enthusiasm of college orientation also comes the hefty year round planning on behalf of administrative staff. The challenge becomes coordinating back-to-back activities and making a good first impression while also keeping students engaged. From a student’s point of view, orientation is a nerve-wracking, yet exciting opportunity to  begin to build lifelong friendships in their first year of school.

For  years, Baldwin-Wallace University has incorporated Mixtroz into its orientation program so that students are able to easily connect with each other without the added nerves. As Mixtroz President Ashlee Ammons explained, “This generation of students uses 10+ apps on their smartphones a day. The Mixtroz app is meeting them where they already are but getting them to a more crucial point of understanding the importance of being able to connect face-to-face.” By the end of orientation, student adoption of the app neared 100%.

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Your Catalyst for Connection.

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Networking that doesn’t feel forced.
Meeting a room full of strangers can be daunting for your guests. Mixtroz prompts attendees to answer dynamic questions so that conversation flows naturally without the dreaded small talk.
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Meaningful connections, minus the business cards.
Passing around business cards at a professional networking event is transactional, not personal. Mixtroz encourages attendees to respond candidly so that every guest has the opportunity to build meaningful connections.

Corporate Team Building and New Hires at Alabama Power – Southern Company

Studies show that retention rates are higher (up to 91%) among employees who report a great orientation experience. Alabama Power, a Fortune 500 company with over 6,600 employees, needed a better way to nurture new employee relationships. Luckily, the company called on Mixtroz to develop engaging employee gatherings from 50-450 participants.

Not only was the event host able to group participants of diverse backgrounds, titles, and departments, but the company was able to gather critical data simultaneously about things like employees’ impressions of new corporate initiatives, what employees perceived to be their own greatest strengths, and whether or not employees felt they knew what they needed to do to receive a promotion.

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Mixers that mix.
At large events, attendees tend to gather with those they already know. But for mixers to work effectively, attendees need to feel comfortable mingling. Mixtroz breaks attendees into small groups based on similar interests or other shared criteria so meeting new people is easy to do.
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Data you can use.
Hosts often send out surveys to guests after the fact. But after an event, the last thing attendees want to do is fill out a lengthy survey. Mixtroz collects real-time data so you can get to know your guests and gather feedback about their experience as the event is unfolding. No messy follow-ups or pesky survey reminders.

Non-Profit Social Gatherings with The Kauffman Foundation

People want to be able to converse with others in the industry in an informal setting to share ideas and grow their network. But it can be difficult to entice participants who have been jaded by insincere or stuffy professional events. Mixtroz teamed up with The Kauffman Foundation as part of the non-profit’s annual ESHIP Summit. Nearly 600 people attended the event from across the country and around the world.

As attendees gathered in small groups to engage in authentic conversation, The Kauffman Foundation was able to aggregate critical data about where participants came from, what they were hoping to glean from the day’s activities, and how they viewed themselves in a professional setting (leaders vs. doers). 

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