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The Importance of Student Engagement

Student engagement comes in many forms: communication with educators and peers, attentive listening and diligent note taking, an eagerness to understand the subject, class participation, and contribution to group discussions and work.

Student engagement is essential at colleges and universities. Why? For students, engaged learning can help build relationships and foster a sense of belonging. It can arouse curiosity and lead to a deeper understanding of the subject matter. For colleges and universities, high student engagement means greater peer-to-peer connections, which are associated with positive student life experiences.

Student ENGAGEMENT Strategies

You know what student engagement is and how critical it is in higher education, but are you actively taking steps as an educator to improve classroom collaboration and promote engagement? With Mixtroz, you can.

Mixtroz is an app that makes classroom collaboration fun, easy, and productive. You can use our app to engage students and modernize your classroom.

How To Use Our App To ENGAGE Students

Mixtroz uses an algorithm to automatically group students based on how they answer questions that you, the host, have selected. We curate these groups to allow students to engage with their peers in a productive and meaningful way.

To get started, you will create a custom Mixtroz event, also known as a ‘mix.’ You will enter the group size and the time at which you would like your students to gather. You will then add questions and choose from a list of icebreakers we provide to encourage group collaboration and communication. When students arrive at your classroom, they can launch the Mixtroz app and create a virtual name tag that includes their name, email address, and a selfie. Our app will then assign each student a group number, and the engagement can begin!

Get Started With Mixtroz To Improve Classroom Collaboration

The benefits of student engagement are many for students, colleges, and universities alike. Contact the Mixtroz team to learn more about our app and how you can use it to increase classroom collaboration and foster peer-to-peer connection.

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