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How Mixtroz Works


Q: How did the interview with Mixtroz go?

A: We love ‘em. They’re some of the most favorite people we’ve ever — not besides the show — but I mean met period. It doesn’t make a difference to me if Mixtroz makes a go or doesn’t — they’re gonna be fine. The only problem I have with Kerry and Ashlee is that there’s not enough of them. You think people like that, the only problem is you just wish there were more of ‘em.
— Rooster McConaughey, A+E's Rooster & Butch, via Birmingham Business Journal


Networking at live events is





Mixtroz is a technology that connects real people

― not profiles ―

in real time at live events while collecting data.

Mixtroz takes the nerves out of networking!
— Gail Baral, Mixtroz Event Attendee


How We Work

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