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Find answers to commonly-asked questions about Mixtroz.

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Anywhere 50+ people are ALREADY gathered.  Our clients use us for dedicated networking, breakouts, team building, orientations, even lunch or dinner seating! The opportunities for connection are endless with Mixtroz.

Yes!  We built Mixtroz with the modern event organizer in mind. Everyone from 501(c)(3) nonprofits to Fortune 500s should use Mixtroz. And for those with tight budgets, a sponsor is a great alternative to offset your cost. Integration into the Mixtroz app is a value-add to any sponsor. By sponsoring your Mixtroz event, a sponsor can receive in-app presence (static OR interstitial), custom brand specific marketing questions (of the allocation of 10, at your discretion), and access to captured data.

If you are planning to run simultaneous Mixtroz events, please contact us to review the set up of your meeting codes.  This feature is popular with Mixtroz customers hosting 500+ attendees.


Step 1: Sign In to Mixtroz: To create your mix, sign in to and enter your username and password that was shared with you.

Step 2: From your Dashboard, click on Add New Event.  You’ll be guided to enter your event details, create questions and icebreakers, and insert sponsor ads.  Remember: you must include 10 questions with corresponding icebreakers as well as 5 generic icebreakers.

Be sure to “Save & Continue” at the bottom of each page before you move on or exit the admin panel.  If you don’t “Save & Continue,” your work will be lost!

You can control what time your Mixtroz groups are created by choosing “Manual” from the Group Creation options. Your attendees will see a countdown clock that gives an approximate time BUT you can choose the exact time to begin creating groups.  If you choose “Automatic” Group Creation, groups will be formed at that specific time, no matter what.

Yes! Choose the question from the Question Library first and then make edits.  If you want to keep the questions and answers, but replace the image, simply click the Change button on the image and upload your own.

For each question, you can create 5 answers. You can also format true/false OR yes/no answers to your questions.

Example 1:

Example 2:

  1. Click the edit button (top right, pencil icon)
  2. At the bottom of  “Enter Details” page click save and continue
  3. Next, you will see your questions & icebreakers
  4. On the top right find the “Collapse to Sort” button, click
  5. After collapsing, move your mouse over the two horizontal bars to the left of each question until you see a shaded circle
  6. From there you can drag your questions to the desired order
  7. Don’t forget to save at the bottom of all pages before exiting

The time for your events shows in military time, otherwise known as the 24 hour clock convention. The day begins at midnight, 00:00, and the last minute of the day is at 23:59.  This is the most widely used time notation in the world today.

So, for example, when you enter your event start time at 4 pm, it will appear as 16:00. If you enter your event time as 9 am, it will appear as 9:00.

Include http/https in the Banner URL field to link the banner ad to a website.  


Setting up a Mixtroz event is simple!  All you need is dedicated “connection” time and 50 or more attendees with smartphones. Once your event is booked we will provide you with your username and password and onboarding material to customize your event.  On the event day, the only hard setup required are your table numbers or wall signage which identifies group meeting locations within your venue; printable signage is available in your onboarding material as well as in the Resources section below. Once your event begins, attendees download Mixtroz and complete the virtual name tag and in-app survey. You launch your mix and, as groups are formed, you have access to collected data on your Mixtroz dashboard. All while, your attendee engagement goes through the roof!  Listen for the volume increase in the venue – seriously!

Although Mixtroz is VERY user friendly, it’s always a good idea to let your attendees know they’ll be using Mixtroz at your live event.

Before Your Event:

  •  Let your attendees know they’ll be using Mixtroz to connect with each other at your live event.  Include information about Mixtroz in your pre-event materials and correspondences. Check out our sample email in the Resources section below.

At Your Live Event:

  • Make an announcement – or two! – to remind your attendees to download the Mixtroz app before your predetermined “mixing” time.   Being prepared ensures your attendees will have a positive Mixtroz experience.

Download the Mixtroz app from the Apple and Google Play stores to experience the demo anytime, 24/7 for free.  This will allow you to experience Mixtroz from the attendee perspective.

Yes!  Use our template for your table or location signage.  Also, many venues have table numbers, which work well for seated events. If you have 100 attendees breaking into groups of 10, then you would need 10 locations with corresponding signage.  If you need assistance, contact us!


During a Mixtroz event, your attendees’ names, email addresses, and unique responses to your customized questions are collected.  From your Mixtroz dashboard, click on your event to bring up the Event Overview page. Click on Users, Groups, Analyze Questions, or Analyze Groups to view the data visually and in real time.

You can view the data Mixtroz collects for you from the Mixtroz dashboard.  Analyze data at-a-glance or drill down deeper to compare and contrast individual and group responses.

  1. From your Mixtroz dashboard, click on the Event to view the Event Overview page.
  2. Click on Users to view the names and emails of your event attendees.  In the Users tab, you can also click on each User to view their answers to your questions.
  3. Click on Groups to view who was placed into what group.  Click on their selfie to view their answers to your questions.
  4. Click on Analyze Questions to compare responses from each of your attendees for each of your questions.
  5. Click on Analyze Groups to compare how each member within each group answered your questions.

Event details, questions and answers, and sponsor ads cannot be edited once the event has started; however, you can change the group creation time and/or the group size before groups are created.  Once groups are created no further changed can be made!

Note: If you have an attendee OR attendees who are “latecomers” (i.e. they launched Mixtroz after you created groups), they can proceed in app and will be assigned to a group.  We know, things happen!

If an attendee cannot locate the event through their phones location services, make sure the attendee has allowed location access to the app. If they did not, they can access their settings, find the Mixtroz app, and toggle to allow. They will then need to relaunch Mixtroz.

If they have further challenges, they can enter the Event Code when prompted.

If you did not enter an Event Code as you were creating the event, go to the Event Details page, scroll down to the Additional Options section, and enter a code in the Event Code field.  We recommend that you use a short code: 4 letters and 2 numbers.  For example, if your event is a New Year’s Gala, you can create a code GALA19.

Remember:  an Event Code cannot be added once the groups are being created.


From your Event Overview page, you can click on the Download CSV link to download your event data.


Use these tools for a successful Mixtroz event experience.

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Sample Timeline

Mixtroz Event

Event Timeline

We want your Mixtroz event to run smoothly from start to finish.  View how we structured a successful Mixtroz event.

Sample Timeline

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Sample Email

Pre Event Correspondence

Attendee Email

Spread the word that your attendees will be using Mixtroz to connect at your live event.

Sample Email

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Event Signage

Table & Location


Help your groups connect easily.  Print and place signage at your tables/group locations.

Event Signage: 1-30 groups

Event Signage: 31-50 groups

Have over 50 groups? Contact our Support Team.