5 Entrepreneurs Outside of Silicon Valley to Know via Revolution

What does your company do?

Mixtroz makes events more valuable by driving attendees from phone to face-to-face in real time — increasing engagement & collecting real-time data.

Why did you choose to launch Mixtroz in Birmingham?

We landed in Birmingham while completing Innovation Depot’s Velocity Accelerator in January, 2018. We were able to move our company further & faster in 13 weeks than we were in 1.5 years in our home city.

What advice would you offer other entrepreneurs in your city?

Birmingham wants you — the city wants you to be a successful entrepreneur! Be intentional, get engaged, hustle, blend out, and the community will embrace you!

What can Birmingham teach Silicon Valley?

Fail fast and pivot. Birmingham is not a perfect ecosystem, but it understands the stats on entrepreneurship and why it is not a ‘nice to have’ but necessary to move the needle — the city is pivoting to be intentionally diverse and inclusive — and it’s working!

How do you unwind after work?

Boxing (Ashlee) // Wine (Kerry)

Who is a living person you admire?

Sara Blakely because she self-admittedly did not know the most about fashion before she started Spanx but she cared the most to solve the problem. This has been our approach with Mixtroz. We did not know the most about tech but we cared the most to solve the problem we identified.

What’s the most underrated virtue in an employee?

“Street Smarts”