Networking StartUp Mixtroz Raises $1 Million Seed Round Following Rise of the Rest Win

Mixtroz, a platform that facilitates better networking at events, has raised a $1 million seed round. This follows the mother-daughter founder duo’s win of a $100K investment at Revolution’s Rise of the Rest pitch competition in Birmingham, Alabama this past May.

“I think in our mind, after Rise of the Rest, we thought we would be able to do this fairly quickly but that wasn’t the case,” COO Ashlee Ammons tells Hypepotamus. “That was really just the popping off point. Within those six months while fundraising full-time, we were able to grow the business, onboard new clients, and launch our SaaS platform.”

Ammons shares that the timeline of how long it took them to raise the funds matches the data within their ecosystem — on average, black female founders need more time than white males to raise a funding round once it opens.

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