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Our Clients Say:

Forming groups in my classes has historically been one of my most time consuming aspects of teaching. How do I make sure that the team members have complementary skills and interests, yet draw on some deep level similarities that can facilitate cohesion? The dynamic duo from Mixtroz swooped in and solved that for me this semester.
— Dr. Tiffany Johnson, Professor, Georgia Tech
Our Red Letter Day turned from a good event to a great event because of Mixtroz. Our event attendees were able to network with new people, experience the day in a more engaged fashion and have an overall richer experience. It’s the ultimate icebreaker that also offers amazing analytics.
— Jamie Dunham, President, Brand Wise
Mixtroz is the ultimate networking tool. Not only does it find commonalities among members and build lasting relationships but we also get vital feedback which helps us to better serve the organization. I’m just glad Mixtroz exists to help take the guess work out of networking.
— Mariah Cole J.D., VP, ULYPMT
As a New Student Orientation Leader, I was able to see the effects of MixTroz first hand. When I was a freshman at orientation I had a very hard time meeting people because I was too scared to initiate conversation. I think that is why a lot of new students struggle to meet people...they’re scared. If I had the opportunity to use MixTroz during my orientation it would have been so beneficial for me in meeting new people because it creates an easy way to engage in conversation with others.”
— Nalini McCargar, Baldwin Wallace University
“Not only was our Mixtroz event a lot of fun, but the backend data we were able to capture was invaluable as well. I can’t wait to Mix again!”
— -Ashlee Owens, Director of Programs, The Company Lab/GIGTANK
I now realize that although I knew of many students, I really didn’t know them. Mixtroz gave me the opportunity to know them!
— Dr. Bryan Samuel, Chief Diversity Officer, The University of Tennessee

How Mixtroz Works:


Step 1: Download & Launch

We're in the Apple & Google Play Stores


Step 2: Select Event

Which is branded as well as location based; so only attendees that are present have access


Step 3: Create Nametag

Name, email address, and snap a selfie. The selfie makes it easier for attendees to find one another


Step 4: Answer 10 Custom Questions

Based on what you, the event organizer (and/or sponsor) would like to know about your attendees. This question series functions as an in app survey; the data is used in real time to connect your attendees

Mixtroz is like
”LinkedIn” but live!
— Kerry Schrader, Mixtroz Co-Founder

Step 5: Group Meeting Location Revealed

At your scheduled Mixtroz activation time, event attendees simultaneously receive a push notification to their phones and move to Mixtroz connection groups


Your attendees
mix, meet & mingle

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To try our free demo download the Mixtroz app from the Apple or Google Play Store








Where can Mixtroz be used?


What setup is needed for a Mixtroz event?

What data is captured via Mixtroz?


How is Mixtroz priced?


Are there sponsor opportunities with Mixtroz?


How do I let my attendees know we are using Mixtroz?


Anywhere 25-5000 people are ALREADY gathered.  Our clients use us for dedicated networking, breakouts, teambuilding, orientations, event lunchtime seating!  The opportunities for connection are endless with Mixtroz.


Setting up a Mixtroz event is simple!  All you need is dedicated "networking" time and 25 or more attendees with smartphones.  To begin, reach out to team Mixtroz via OR the booking button on the top right of homepage.  We will work with you to confirm your date and customize your mix.  On the event day, table numbers or wall signage identify group meeting locations; attendees download Mixtroz, complete the virtual nametag and in-app survey. As groups are formed you will see (and hear) attendee engagement go through the roof!  Upon completion of the activation and final payment we send you the collected data.

Participants name, email address, and unique responses to your 10 customized questions delivered upon final payment of your event.


We are priced per anticipated attendee (similar to a caterer).  If you book multiple "mixes" or event dates discounts are available.   For a detailed event quote please email with your event details.


Yes!  We built Mixtroz with the modern event organizer in mind. Everyone from 501(c)(3)s non-profits to Fortune 500s should use Mixtroz. And for those with tight budgets, a sponsor is a great alternative to offset your cost. Integration into the Mixtroz app is a value-add to any sponsor. By sponsoring your Mixtroz activation, a sponsor can receive in-app presence, static OR interstitial (at an additional cost) , custom brand specific marketing questions (of the allocation of 10, at your discretion), and access to captured data.

Mixtroz is VERY user friendly. Inclusion of Mixtroz in pre-event materials is always recommended. Additionally, on the day of your Mixtroz event, an announcement (or 2) regarding the use of Mixtroz prior to your predetermined networking time, ensures your attendees have downloaded the app and are ready to experience the ease and efficiency of “Intentional Networking!"