Mixtroz w/ AOL Co-Founder Steve Case & ROTR Finalists 5/09/18

How We Started

In November 2014, while living in NYC, Co-Founder Ashlee attended a conference. for A "networking" opportunity during lunch, the event host suggested attendees, "Go up to someone with the same color dot on their name tag."  Ashlee deemed that networking activity awkward and enoyed lunch with her smart phone but made zero connections.  later that same day, ashlee shared this experience with her Mother, Kerry, who ironically had had a similar experience That same weekend.  the soon-to-be founders discussed at length the awkwardness of meeting people at live events. ANd Following a four hour conversation on November 9, 2014...

― Mixtroz Was Born ―


Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons are a dynamic minority Mother/Daughter duo, who are in the new wave of entrepreneurs who are re-imagining daily life, creating services that make work and play simpler, better and more satisfying.   Without formal tech backgrounds, they’ve been blazing trails in the male-dominated tech startup space with their company, Mixtroz. Mixtroz has been buzzworthy from the start in publications like FORBES, INC., and The Tennessean.

Professional Experience:

Ashlee Ammons
COO & "Daughter"


Kerry Schrader
CEO & "Mom"

Nashville Entrepreneur Center, "Ex Officio" Board Member, 2018

Former Director Of Events (NYC)

  • TAO Group
  • Strategic Group
  • Moët Hennessy

Highlight: 1st Intern to LeBron James, Events ($10K-$5M) for Oprah Winfrey, Coca-Cola, 2012 Olympics


Nashville Technology Council, Executive Board Member

Former HR Executive (MBA)

  • FORD 
  • Alcoa 
  • Noranda

Highlight: Led Global HR Transformation for 120,000+ Employees; is a proud Breast Cancer sur-THRIVER

Up close and personal with the minds behind Mixtroz.

We Speak

 Topics include

  • Women in tech (Both Founders,  indicated as BF following)
  • Minorities in tech (BF)
  • Bridging the gaps between Baby Boomers & Millennials  (BF)
  • Choosing the right Co-Founder (BF)
  • Using what you have to build the business you want (BF)
  • Make Health a Priority:  Stay Calm. Think Pink & Get Your Mammogram On! (Kerry)
  • Approach anything like its everything: For students (Ashlee)

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