From team-building events to cocktail mixers,

Mixtroz makes your events simpler, better and more satisfying for host and attendees alike, coupling technology with the power of face-to-face connectivity. Have you ever received tangible ROI on your event’s networking?

You can, in real time, with Mixtroz.

Mixtroz, an app used to easily network and connect with peers, is used at a cocktail hour.

Customized cocktail hour

In a study from Columbia University, research shows that people don’t maximize their opportunities at mixers, especially when you attend them with friends or colleagues. Mixtroz disrupts this theory of homophily, or the desire to stick with people that look similar to you.  

Mixtroz erases this problem, encouraging your attendees to mix in thoughtful, intelligent groups – from questions you create.

Networking? Not anymore.

We get it. We don’t like A-F, G-L, M-Z last-name assigned groupings either!

With Mixtroz you can easily create groups that align with the objective of your event in a curated way — almost as quick as you can recite the alphabet! You set the objectives for the event and know your attendees best, so why not create a team-building event that sets both up for success? With Mixtroz, you can.

Plus, as a sponsor, you can get your ad in front of attendees and score valuable impressions directly on their phones, leading to clicks and ROI for your brand.

A successful team-building event takes place as Mixtroz has created groups to maximize engagement.
Peers socialize at a sponsored event in Birmingham, AL.

As a sponsor, you want to make sure your ads are reaching your audience. 

Why invest time in an ad that’s just going to be ignored?

With Mixtroz, your ad is in front of your audience throughout the entirety of your mixer, maximizing visibility and user retention. Mixtroz makes your sponsorship seamless (and dare we say effective).  You can be assured that placing your ad, whether it’s a sponsor banner or a video link, on Mixtroz is more effective than a traditional advertisement on a handout or presentation.

That’s math you can bet on.


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So, how do you get started with Mixtroz?

Using Mixtroz is as simple as sending an e-invite or setting up an event page.

Login into Mixtroz Dashboard

Login into Mixtroz Dashboard

Begin by logging into your Mixtroz Dashboard. You’ll see the option to “Add a New Event.” From there, you’ll name your event, add branded imagery and plug in your event details (like location, day of the event, start and end time.)

Customize 10 Questions

Customize 10 Questions

After you finish your event details, you’ll customize 10 questions or choose from our library of pre-made questions. That’s the magic of Mixtroz.

You choose what to ask and weight your questions to group attendees that have answered similar or diverse to create the most dynamic collisions.

Create Sponsor Banners

Create Sponsor Banners

Have a sponsor? We’ve got you covered there too! Create sponsor banners or link to a video to be displayed to all attendees in-app!

That’s it! You’re finished!

On the day of your event, your attendees download, create a profile and answer questions in under 3 minutes. When it’s time to connect, you launch the mix.

As your attendees mix, it’s time for you to learn about them. Upon launch of the mix, your data is immediately visualized and available for download!

Run Of Show

Below is a sample event agenda with events powered by Mixtroz.

Your team will have your attendees download the Mixtroz app and complete the virtual nametag portion.

Be intentional! If your attendees haven’t downloaded the app and completed questions, remind them to do so!  You have a live view of user adoption throughout your activation in the Mixtroz dashboard.

Once your desired number of attendees have completed their questions, it’s time to create your groups. You can set this to manual or automatic. Location numbers are revealed in-app to your attendees and they physically move to their meeting location in your venue.

Attendees move to their groups and check-in in the app. They’ll kick off their conversation with icebreakers and start connecting with their group, curated by you!

Want to see Mixtroz in action?

Mixtroz is simple to set up and even simpler to use. But you might have questions or want us to walk you through step-by-step — we’d love to connect with you!

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Suggested Use Cases for Your Next Event

Mixtroz is magical for any event, from matchmaking to cocktail hour. Use Mixtroz anytime you bring 50 or more people together!


Team Building

Trade Shows

Social Events




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The Kauffman Foundation’s ESHIP Summit is a conference of leaders from across the United States and beyond seeking to support entrepreneurs, build ecosystems and change the economy.  This year, Kauffman used Mixtroz to facilitate dynamic team building projects to work with mayors from across the US, discussing their most pressing issues within their entrepreneurial ecosystems.


“Mixtroz takes the nerves out of networking!”

Helen Gaye Brewster