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Mixtroz isn’t just about ‘mixing’ but also a way to get answers to complex enterprise culture and business issues.

Lindsey Crawson, Sr. Conference Specialist – Alabama Power, Mixtroz Customer

Event: New Employee Orientation, Hosted by: Alabama Power, Date: February 2020, Location: Birmingham, AL

Better employee orientation onboarding

For companies with over 500 employees, the Mixtroz meeting and event platform is the perfect tool to introduce your new employees to your company’s brand and mission in an exciting, personal way through questions and icebreakers customized by you.

Bridge departments for special projects

Unfortunately, most departments within companies often silo themselves from others.

Mixtroz eliminates homophily, the sociological theory that suggests people at work (or play) will stay with groups that they easily identify.

During your next work event, let Mixtroz handle it.

Imagine your employees mixing with different departments, at different levels with common interests, leading to a stronger, more connected workforce.


Corporate team building, data-driven

As a leader in your business, you want measurable, data-driven metrics on your employees that you can’t get in anonymous employee surveys. With Mixtroz, you’ll gather data in real time that you can use to determine decisions both large and small across departments.

We Connect The Most Innovative Companies

Mixtroz destroys the concept behind homophily.

That’s the theory that birds of a feather flock together and we see this anywhere that humans, people, and especially your students or faculty, gather.

With the Mixtroz event and meeting platform, we put a stop to homophily using technology to meet your campus where it is, seamlessly creating community among students, alumni, and faculty.

All while you learn about who they actually are (instead of who you think they are.)

Suggested Use Cases for Your Enterprise Event

Of course, the magic of Mixtroz is the endless configurations you can set up for your enterprise event. And by “event” we mean any type of gathering of your employees, managers, or executives, including:

Run Of Show

Below is a sample event agenda for events powered by Mixtroz.

Your team will have your employees download the Mixtroz app and complete the virtual nametag portion.

Be intentional! If your employees haven’t downloaded the app and completed questions, remind them to do so!  You have a live view of user adoption throughout your activation in the Mixtroz dashboard.

Once your desired number of employees have completed their questions, it’s time to create your groups. You can set this to manual or automatic. Location numbers are revealed in-app to your attendees and they physically move to their meeting location in your venue.

Employees move to their groups and check-in through the app. They’ll kick off their conversation with icebreakers and start connecting with their group, curated by you!


See how Mixtroz helped an organization take their gatherings and events to the next level.


Want to see Mixtroz in action?

The Mixtroz  meeting and event platform is simple to set up and even more simple to use. But you might have questions or want us to walk you through step-by-step — we’d love to connect with you!

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“Using Mixtroz for my college orientation mixer removed some of the pre-college nerves and allowed my students to mingle and make lasting friendships.”

Dr. Bryan Samuel

“Mixtroz is higher-ed event planning made easy.”

Mariah Cole

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