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Team Building Activities for College Students

Team building activities are an excellent way to elicit communication and collaboration. However, when it comes to higher education, some of these activities may seem juvenile and antiquated. Many colleges and universities have gone digital, and with Mixtroz, your team building activities can too! Mixtroz is an app that modernizes the team-building process and caters to college students and professors.


Team building with Mixtroz is as easy as 1, 2, 3! First, create a custom event on our meeting and event platform. You can include group size, create your own questions and icebreakers, and input additional information. Then, on the day of the event or class, have students launch the Mixtroz app. They will create a virtual nametag by entering their name, email, snapping a selfie, and answering the questions you’ve customized. The students will be assigned to groups based on the preferences you’ve set. Next, they are given icebreakers and group data to understand how they were matched, and finally, humanity takes over – let the team building begin!


Mixtroz removes the awkwardness of initial interactions and allows for purposeful communication, decision-making, and problem-solving among team members. It challenges students to think of team building activities in a new light and to embrace the process.

Mixtroz offers real-time data collection that helps you, the host, to compare individual and group data. You can see how students answered your questions, view the team breakdown, and more. Once you go digital, team building activities for college students will never be the same.

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