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Networking In College

It is never too soon to start networking, and college is the perfect place to do so as students are surrounded by peers, professors, faculty, and staff. Students should take the opportunity to build relationships and establish professional connections in their field of interest.

According to a 2016 report, 85% of jobs are filled via networking. Students who network in college can use their professional connections to find a job and gain valuable industry experience.

Student NETWORKING Events

As a college or university, you can foster these professional connections by hosting student networking events. Such events will give students the opportunity to engage with those who have similar interests and career goals, as well as those who already have experience and can offer advice or can present job opportunities.

Student networking events should be well-structured, as to be productive and efficient, but should also provide ample time for attendees to meet and build relationships. Mixtroz is an event management software that can help you do that – plus much, much more.

How To Use The MIXTROZ App At Networking Events

Take your student networking events digital with Mixtroz! Mixtroz allows you to create custom events and curated networking sessions that encourage meaningful connections.

To get started, you, the host, will create an event, also known as a ‘mix’, on our meeting and event platform. You will input event details such as the time and location, your preferred group size, and can even add your college or university’s branding. You will then set preferences for how the groups will be divided and will add questions and icebreakers for attendees to answer once in their groups. For student networking events, we recommend that you gear your questions and icebreakers towards various fields of work or study, industry news, or career advice.

Once you have everything set, the networking event can begin. Attendees will take a few minutes to launch the Mixtroz app, create a virtual nametag, and answer questions. Upon completion, our app will provide the attendees with a group number that was carefully selected according to the preferences you set during the event creation.

Mixtroz Makes Professional Networking EASY

Mixtroz allows you to connect with the right people, right away. For students and attendees at networking events, this means you can:

  • Save time by not having to search for people in your field
  • Skip the potentially awkward initial interactions by referencing our app’s icebreakers
  • Establish professional relationships that can lead to new career opportunities

Set Up An Event

As a college or university, what better way to set your students up for success than hosting a successful networking event of your own. Contact Mixtroz to get started!

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