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Activities for New Student Orientation

It is a time to foster communication, familiarize students with your campus, encourage relationships and team building, and overall, ease the student’s transition from high school to college. A study shows that students who feel connected at their school orientation are more likely to report positive student life experiences. This can lead to higher rates of retention, progression, and graduation of students.

As a college or university, it is your responsibility to make sure that your new student orientation program is exciting, relevant, and worthwhile for students while equally valuable for your school. With Mixtroz, this is possible!

What is MIXTROZ?

Mixtroz is an event management software that makes connecting new students easier than ever before. Using Mixtroz, colleges and universities can create and customize events for their orientation that will allow students to make meaningful connections through peer-to-peer small group gatherings.

Mixtroz in ACTION at College Orientation

To get started, you will need to create an event on the Mixtroz platform – a “mix”.

You will follow our step-by-step interface to input orientation information, meeting times, and preferred group size. You can then choose from our list of questions and icebreakers to ask students, or can create your own. Mixtroz lets you add your own branding so colleges and universities can represent their school name. Mixtroz setup is easy and can be completed in 30 minutes or less!

At the start of the college orientation event, students will be asked to download and launch the Mixtroz app. They will take a few minutes to create a virtual name tag, take a selfie, and answer the pre-selected questions. Our algorithm will work to assign each individual student to a group based on the preferences you have set and the way in which the students answered the questions. In doing so, the new students will be placed in groups that are curated for an easy, meaningful, and productive conversation.

How does Mixtroz BENEFIT students, colleges, and universities?

Utilizing the Mixtroz event management software at college orientation can largely benefit students.

Mixtroz was purposefully designed with connection and the desire to build long-term personal and business relationships in mind. Our interactive app helps rid students of the anxiety of meeting new people by establishing groups based on likeness or areas of diversity and providing icebreakers to prompt conversation and connection.

Mixtroz also benefits colleges and universities by providing invaluable information about the new students who attended your orientation. As students create their virtual name tag and answer questions on our app, that data is being collected in real-time. You can analyze this data and compare individual and group responses right on your event dashboard by reviewing our easy-to-read analytic reports during and after the event!

Create Your New Student Orientation Event

Are you ready to take your school’s orientation to the next level? Contact the team at Mixtroz to get started with our event management software or schedule a demo today!

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