Happy 1st Birthday Mixtroz!!!


November 9, 2014       The conversation that Ashlee and I had that started the idea of people optimizing their real time, LIVE,                                                                                         social situations!  Get ready for face-to-face to make a BIG comeback!

December                      Met with various developers; bootstrapping begins

January 2015                eleven 9, LLC formed!  Attended AppNation Conference in Las Vegas; signed with AppNexio, our California based developers

February                        Mixtroz logo created

March                             1st Mixtroz prototype released

April                                Held small group focus meetings

May                                 Friends and family round of fundraising begins

June                                Board of Advisors named

July                                 Development of Mixtroz MVP begins

August                            Mixtroz.com goes live

September                     Exhibitor at Tech Crunch SF (San Francisco) 15

October                          Mixtroz accepted into the Apple App Store; exhibitor at NODA (National Orientation Director Assoc.) Conference in Denver

November  2015           Beta-testing begins

Oh what a year and we are just getting started! Interested in learning more or just want to say “Hello?” Contact us at:  mixtroz.com  #mixtrozmovement  #womenentrepreuners #optimizeursocialsituation

November 9, 2015

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10 things I learned from TechCrunch SF15


Ashlee holding down our booth                                                                                                            Kerry ready to meet greet


Lessons:1.) Wear the right shoes for standing 12 hrs 2.)  The Mixtroz app could’ve optimized the conference

Lessons: 3.)  perfect your 30 sec pitch 4.)  make it personal 5.)  look for angels (or seed funds)

Lessons from@TC:  6.)  Don’t let the boys intimidate you! 7.)  the best ideas promote humanity  8.) Don’t give up

My Final lessons from TCSF15:  9.) people there like to TALK lots about diversity & inclusion 10.) The ACTION don’t seem to match the TALK  

We are going to disrupt how social networks are formed…THE TIME IS NOW!!!

October 5, 2015

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TechCrunch DISRUPT San Francisco or BUST!!!


OMG!!!  Are we headed to Tech Crunch Disrupt SF 2015 in 4 days???
Kidding, right?!  Well, actually no, I’m not kidding (and oh btw, we
are ready!).

What a difference a year makes.  Last year this time I was focused on
raising money for a local charity.  I was throwing parties, modeling
in fashion shows and even raffling the opportunity to win a
home-cooked meal (prepared by my husband, not me) all for charity.  My
daughter, Ashlee, was driving her career (which she continues to do,
all while moonlighting for Mixtroz), planning her birthday trip to
Puerto Rico and shopping for a new designer bag (or 7…this may very
well be her first love)!  And then November 9, 2014, rolled around and
we had a crazy “what if we can turn this idea into an app”
conversation that changed everything! Now, the rest is history.

Less than one year later, this innovative minority, mother-daughter
team, with NO tech background is headed to one of tech’s premier
events where we will exhibit our baby, Mixtroz, for the first time.
And guess what world?? WE ARE READY!  We are excited and ready to
introduce, Mixtroz, the social networking app that will definitely
disrupt how stronger, longer-lasting social networks are formed.  Get
ready Tech Crunch, here we come #mixtrozmovement #mothersanddaughters

If you are attending TC, please come by to say “Hello” on Monday,
September 21.  We will be waiting for you in the Social Apps section…OMG!!

September 17, 2015

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And to think it all started with a mother-daughter conversation (so be sure to always talk to your kids)!

Isn’t life funny?  I probably talk to my grown daughter (she lives in NYC, I outside of Nashville), Ashlee, at least 2, if not more times a day. We talk about everything from careers to nail polish color.  I still marvel how our “normal” conversation on November 9, 2014, took a very different twist! And there begins our Mixtroz story.
IMG_0604 Me and Ashlee (circa 1992)

We both were coming off of an action-packed week-end.  She with attending a huge women’s conference in the city and I from entertaining 33 of my friends at a popular Franklin (Tn)  eatery. As we were having our “normal” download the conversation seemed to focus on the awkwardness of meeting new people in social situations.  Ashlee pointed out how I served as the hub in my social situation and ensured that my guests, often strangers to each other, had an opportunity to successfully mix and mingle.  She also shared how uncomfortable she was meeting people at the conference she had attended.  Please note:  Ashlee is anything BUT shy!!!  She went onto say that people were encouraged to mingle by color-coded name tags AND how she decided to opt out because it felt awkward.  She asked me, ” so was I supposed to approach a grown woman and say hey you have yellow and have yellow, let’s go to lunch?”  That question became the catalyst for us to begin to consider how introductions could become easier and more meaningful. Within two hours we had talked about the issues that plague BOTH virtual and live introductions.  Believe it or not, in that very same conversation, the word “Mixtroz” was created!  In fact, we bought that domain and all its’ variations on November 10, 2014.  We knew we were onto something.  We had officially started on our journey to solve the problem of building stronger, longer-lasting social networks.  Wow!

From that day to today we have moved at lightning speed and have worked hard to solve the problem by using technology to put the emphasis back on physical presence when building MEANINGFUL social networks.  My husband, Jerry, says it this way,  “We are using technology to solve for the pitfalls of the impersonal side of technology.”  Ashlee refers to it as “your super social best friend.”  Either way, they both are describing Mixtroz perfectly!

In less than a year we have went from a “normal” conversation to a friends and family round of investments (a shout out to the first members of the Mixtroz Movement), to a cool website and a fully functional MVP Plus.  Our developers, Appnexio (I’ll have to do a future blog on how I met them…a hilarious chance meeting that has proven to be a blessing!), rock and certainly have built more than the standard MVP to October beta testing.  Wow!!  Did I mention we are set for Tech Crunch SF’s Disrupt 2015 where Mixtroz will make it’s exhibit debut??  And it all started with a mother-daughter Sunday afternoon conversation.

So I guess the real question is:  Do you agree that “Humans” need to be a critical component in human interactions?  If you answered yes, you need to check us out and find out how to become part of the Mixtroz Movement!!  More than ever, Presence Matters!!!

September 15, 2015

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Double-dutch anyone?

doubledutchClose your eyes and remember the last time you entered a social gathering alone and were among strangers.  How did you pick the table to sit at?  Was it pre-assigned?  Were you the first one at the table? How did you interact with the people that joined you?  Was it different if 2 people joined your table and it was apparent they were colleagues?  It probably was like trying to figure out how and when to jump into a game of double-dutch jump rope!  Hmmm…I think I just described what happened to me at an event that I recently attended.
Talk about awkward and uncomfortable.  What do I say?  Ummm…are you in HR like me (probably not since this is NOT a HR meeting)?  Do you like broccoli?  Wanna do lunch?  Not only do I feel like the weird, creepy one, I also feel a lot like my former junior high school self! Will the person I’m trying to engage, engage back?  What about these 2 co-workers?  Will they break eye contact or take a breathe long enough for me to try and insert myself in their 2-way conversation? Do they like me?  Is something in my teeth?  UGH! The meeting hasn’t even started, I’m already exhausted and dreading the rest of this social networking opportunity.  There has to be a better way. Thank goodness there is!  #mixtrozmovement because nothing beats a little help saying

September 15, 2015

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Oh noooo…NOT another social networking app!

ModelTJust remember:  Automobiles were invented way before Henry Ford built the Model T.  He understood continuous improvement principles way back then.  And so do we!  Mixtroz is the social networking app that is going to DISRUPTthe way social networks are formed. Gone are the days of superficial connections (with folks you never really never connected with anyway).  Instead, Mixtroz will usher in the new era of building stronger, longer-lasting social networks based on more than a “click.”  Get ready world…the Mixtroz Movement is coming!!  #innovation #thankUHenry #changeisgood #MixtrozMovementDisrupts

September 15, 2015

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So you really want me to talk “LIVE” to “virtual” strangers??

nametagpicYes, I suggest you try it!  With a little help from Mixtroz, the app that makes meeting new people less stressful and pretty much effortless, you could be on your way to building stronger, longer-lasting social networks!  Gone are the days of meeting people in a social setting by  last name initial or the dreaded color-coded nametag (unfortunately, those are usually the only things you have in common, right??). No more reason to throw away dozens of ZERO-value business cards (from folks you can’t remember) that have accumulated in your purse/pocket.  Mixtroz uses our beloved technology to solve the pitfalls of the impersonal side of technology when social networking.  Get ready world…theMixtroz Movement is coming!!!  Be on the look-out for beta dates and locations…www.mixtroz.com

September 15, 2015

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I agree with Whoopi!!

Yes, I agree with Whoopi!!!  Since the creation of Mixtroz, on eleven9, 2014, we seem to get daily confirmations of the need to drive conversations back to face-to-face. Pretty primal, right? Hmmm…imagine NOT relying solely on a “click” on-line as the primary source of your initial social introductions!  Mixtroz uses TECHNOLOGY to overcome the pitfalls of the impersonal side of TECHNOLOGY when building social networks. Talk about out-of-the-box thinking!  Need more confirmation?  Check out: http://abc.go.com/shows/the-view/video/VDKA0_2q138elv   Want more information? Email:  kerry@mixtroz.com because more than ever, PRESENCE MATTERS!

September 10, 2015

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Your presence matters (really)!!

The world needs an effective tool that allows users in large settings to connect in smaller, more intimate groups for face-to-face introductions.  Mixtroz is the perfect tool for that!  Mixtroz is an app created with the objective of technology supporting human interactions, rather than human interactions supporting technology.  Think about it.  We all have become quite comfortable “clicking,” “liking” and “friending” our way through life; but  are we really creating sustainable, long-lasting social networks?

Mixtroz is co-founded and owned by a dynamic, minority mother-daughter team.  They are excited about the future of Mixtroz because, more than ever,presence REALLY DOES matter in today’s world!

September 10, 2015

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